What if you could stop worrying about not knowing what to do next? Imagine if you had someone who could guide you through the difficult times in your personal and professional life.


Hello, Just Focus is an intensive 6 week coaching program personalized to your specific goals. For one hour each week, we focus entirely on what and how we can get you the results you want.

You’re a creative professional who’s used to working hard and getting what you want. You’ve had a taste of success in your career and are hungry for more. There’s nothing more you’d like to see than yourself doing the things you say you’re going to do. You know that with the right guidance, you’d be able to shatter that glass ceiling that’s been keeping you where you’re at.

But.... You worry about making the wrong choices and moving further away from where you want to be. You’re scared that you won’t be able to recreate the success you’ve had in the past.

You’re nervous to fully commit to your goals and put yourself out there because what if things fall apart and you fail? What if you end up looking stupid?

And...it’s not like you haven’t tried this before. Set a goal, make a plan, and stick to it. Problem is, you never seem to be able to stick with it. So why would this time be any different?

Plus, the longer you stand on the sidelines hesitating to make a move, FOMO and regret sink in. You see others making decisions and moving forward in their work and personal lives - things you wish you were doing. Problem is, you can’t figure out how to get from point A to point B.

Imagine knowing that whatever you want to create in your business and personal life is possible.

You know that your drive coupled with a strategic plan of action are your winning ticket to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Once you’ve decided what to focus on, you’ll feel confident about what you’re doing and feel excited to have direction. Plus, you know that when you focus your energy on one thing at a time, you’ll see results much quicker.

You know that once you start, you’ll be unstoppable. That all the things you used to say you’d do “someday” are starting to come true. You also know that the time is now. You’ve waited long enough to have the things you’ve always wanted for yourself, personally and professionally.   

You know you’re destined for bigger things and you’re ready to put your head down and do the work to create the career and life you’ve been craving.

Sound familiar?

  • You feel like you spend more time researching and working behind the scenes than taking action
  • You start off motivated only to find your momentum fizzles
  • You wish you could finally crack the code to what it’s gonna take to get you from good to great
  • You wonder how others seem to make it look effortless while you’re over here struggling
  • You’re worried you’re going to make a mistake and end up falling flat on your face

You Don’t Have to Do it All on Your Own

I’ll help you figure out everything on your plate and sort out what makes sense for you to focus on first. You’ll learn how to stop jamming your schedule with unnecessary to do’s and determine what will  make the most sense for you work on first. You’ll learn how to handle FOMO when new opportunities pop up that don’t align with your bigger picture goal.

You’ll be excited knowing that creating that ideal business and life that you’ve always wanted is possible. You’ll feel confident that you too can make money doing what you love and live life on your terms.

After Working Together, You Will:

  • Have a clear focus on what it’s going to take to get you from where you are to where you want to be
  • Have started taking action to get your project off the ground or your business to the next level
  • Feel confident that you not only can but you are creating the type of life and career that you want
  • Consistently be following through on your goals
  • Know how to handle “shiny object syndrome” so you don’t get distracted
  • Have the momentum and skills to tackle all your other goals

Hello, Just Focus Includes:

Hello, Just Focus Download

Before our session, you’ll answer some questions to help me better understand exactly what you’re struggling with and what you’re dedicated to focusing on. This is where you’ll lay out all the struggles you’ve had up until this point and the areas you think you’d like to focus on during our sessions together.

6 Personalized Focus Sessions

60 minute phone or Skype sessions tailored to your specific goals.* Each week we narrow in on a different focus to ensure we’re covering all bases and getting you to your ideal goal.  We’ll address roadblocks that have tripped you up in the past and create workable solutions for you to use moving forward.

*Each Hello, Just Focus is personally designed and structured to meet the needs of your business or goal.

Below is a sample weekly breakdown.


Week 1: Power Down

It's easy to get so wrapped up in the go, go, go of everything that we often never take the time to step back and figure out what it is we really want - and more importantly, why we want it. Week 1 is all about powering down and giving yourself the opportunity to answer that question.

Week one acts as the base of all the future sessions. 



WEEK 2: recharge

Yup. We're all so busy - all the time. In Week 2 we get to see what’s getting in the way of you accomplishing your goals and we start to peel them away, layer by layer until we’ve really gotten down to it. It’s here that you’ll start to find ways to be more mindful and in turn you’ll find ways to be more productive.



WEEK 3: Reboot

Time to hit the restart button. Week 3 is where we begin building strategies that will move you in the direction of achieving your goal. This is different for everyone so each strategy is uniquely designed for to you.



WEEK 4: Check in

It’s exactly that. Week 4 is where we review what is & isn’t working so far. At this point, you’ll be armed with the tools to help you push past the roadblocks that you used to hold you up. Whatever’s still getting in your way, we remove and  move forward. 



WEEK 5: power Play

Having a clear action plan under your belt for the past two weeks, it’s here that you find that sticking to your goals is easier now than it was 5 weeks ago. With that being said, we up the ante and build on that original action plan.




Your last check in. At this point, you’re easily able to pinpoint when something isn’t working, assess why and create an adjustment.



Bonus Session: Continued success

My goal with Hello, Just Focus is for you to be achieving your goal which is why I throw a bonus week in here - to be used any time after the 6 week session is complete, up until 6 months after the program ends.

Weekly Action Plans

You’ll leave each session with the confidence that what you’re working on is getting the ball rolling and building momentum. You’ll have detailed action plan to follow so you can stay focused and on track.  Between sessions, you’ll check in and send any questions or content you need feedback on.

Long Term Action Plan

During our last session, we’ll create your Long Term Action Plan that will lay out the next steps for you to continue building momentum and follow through on your goal. This will be your guide that you’ll use to ensure you stay on track long after our work together.   

Bonus Check-In Session

A bonus freebie (60) minute session to check in to be used when you need it most. We’ll go over your Long Term Action Plan, review any roadblocks you may have hit and set a plan up for you to continue doing the work while staying focused.

*Bonus Check-In Session to be used within six months of last session.


Hello, Just Focus is designed to work with all different types of goals. Personal or professional, doesn't matter. 

Ready to focus and take action?

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