We work in a competitive field. There’s no getting around it. Which is why when I find a group of supportive, like-minded folk who are not only successful but also genuinely excited for each other's success too, I’m in! That’s why this week’s Friday Fav goes out to none other than:

Create + Cultivate

Create + Cultivate (C+C) is both an in-person traveling conference as well as online community for female entrepreneurs in the digital space founded by Jaclyn Johnson. Their mission - clearly stated on their website - is to “enlighten, entertain & inspire offline and online.” 

What stands out to me the most is the community that Create + Cultivate has established. Aside from the website, drool worthy pics on Instagram and their general FB page, there’s a private FB group where I’ve found some of the most talented and supportive creatives in the biz. 

Since 2011, C+C has hosted conferences all over the US in cites like Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, etc. Each event hosts a few hundred attendees and top panelists such as Julianne Hough, Whitney Port & Jen Gotch of Shop Bando.

This upcoming fall, they’ll be hosting in my hometown - Chicago! - where tickets are currently on sale

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