While this year started off amazing business-wise (I had my biggest January in terms of numbers, continued to steadily build my email list and had invested substantially in a business coach and mastermind!) personally, it was something else.

If you've been following me on social media, then you know our story. Since January, we've been in the hospital 3 times with our daughter for multiple health issues.

Since I don't have a personal blog but wanted to share what was going on with her in the hopes that by sharing it, it might bring comfort to another family going through something similar - I posted it on my website.

Here's the link to the blog.

It's been one of the most difficult and heart-wrenching few months but it's also been one of the most eye-opening.

Picking Up The Pieces

My work has always been one of the things that's brought me the most joy. Getting to help creative professionals hammer out their goals and bring their ideas to life is really what fuels me.

It's also what's given me a sense of purpose. I mean, I'd been working nonstop for as long as I could remember whether I was on a gig, on vacation or even that one time in Cuba when we had no wifi access. (I still worked bts!)

But I also realized that in the 4 years since I started my coaching practice, I hadn't taken a break from all that behind the scenes work - the IG posting, newsletters, blog posts, online networking, etc. - you know #allthethings.

So for the past few weeks, I took one. I stopped posting on social media, stopped sending out newsletters and I EVEN stopped working on that stuff behind the scenes!

Instead, I focused on my 1:1 clients, my private FB group and my mastermind and that was it.

Exactly What I Needed

Turns out taking a partial break from all the noise and the "have to's" to focus on the core of my business and of course, my family life, was the perfect reset button for me.

It allowed me to really peel back the layers of what's important to me in all areas - personal and professional - and streamline how I want to move forward.

Now, I'll be honest, had our family life not come crashing down, I don't know that it would have ever dawned on me to press pause. My nature is to go, go, go. I set a goal, I break down the steps to make it happen and I get to work. It's where I feel in control.

But regardless why it happened, I'm thankful that it did because as I've started coming back to the things I left behind, I'm finding that it's not only with a fresh take but I also don't feel the pressure to do all the stuff that I used to.

When To Take A Break

So how do you know when it's time for you to take a break?

Well, I hope it doesn't get to the point of a family emergency like it did in our situation but here's a few keys to knowing when it might be time for you to hit the pause button.

+ The things that used to make you feel excited now make you feel anxious

+ You feel like you're doing all the things the experts are telling you to do but you're not seeing the results

+ You feel like you spend more time working on your business instead of in it

+ You've had a "creative" block for longer than you can remember

+ You're ready to throw in the towel and quit

If you've been working your tail off on a project or your business but aren't feeling it anymore, aren't seeing the results you want or are even starting to question what the heck you're doing in the first place - it's a sign to take a break.

How to Make the Most of Your Break

Once you're set on taking a break - ask yourself what that means to you.

Are you taking a break from everything 100%? Taking a partial break like I did?

Then figure out what you want to use that time off for.

Will it be to reconnect with why you're doing what you're doing / what your goals are?

Will you use the break to streamline what processes and systems you want to continue using / drop when you jump back in?

Maybe it's to reevaluate if you're even still interested in what you're currently working on?

It might even be just to reconnect with your family/friends - you know, that life that we so often put on hold when we're over here building our babies/empires. ;p

What if Everyone Leaves

Before I sign off I just want to speak to that fear that most of us have when we think about pressing pause on something we're known for or something we've committed to doing.

We worry that if we don't show up all day, every day - people will forget about us.

Our people will stop caring.

Our followers will stop following us.

Our contacts will think we're no longer interested.

And to that I say, it's simply not true. Everyone deserves a break and if that break happens to make you come back stronger and better than ever than why shouldn't everyone press pause now and then?!