(who don’t have time to take another course)




You’re an entrepreneur at heart with a ton of great ideas. You have the goals and to do lists to match. Friends and family are always telling you how amazed they are at all that you have going on.

But...you’ve also been told that you take on too much. That you tend to be scattered and all over the place.

You’re also known to be late occasionally. Or last minute shall we say? ;p

Inside, you feel like you’re a hamster on a wheel ~ running full speed ahead but not getting anywhere. That today’s genius idea is tomorrow’s trash because lets face it - there’s just no time to work on it.

And...stuff like social media or fomo keep you from focusing and seeing the progress you’re after. It’s like you’re always falling off track.

Sometimes you find yourself making excuses because let’s face it, you don’t know what the right answer is for what’s next in your business.

You just keep trying to do all the things the gurus are telling you to do. They make 6-figure success sound so simple if you just follow their “system” so you close your eyes and hope it works.

Imagine feeling like you’re in control of your schedule

You know that if you just had the time to sit down and actually think about what the next steps in your business should be, you’d be able to think more clearly and feel more confident about where you’re headed. Your work would feel effortless and you’d feel like all the decisions you were making were the right ones.

You’d know that every move you made had a purpose and it was all leading to your bigger picture goals.

You’d feel motivated and energized because you know the path you were on was the right one.You’d be excited about your work again because you’d know that every little thing you’re doing today would pay off.


  • You feel like you spend all your time working but don’t have the results to show for it

  • You struggle with focusing on one thing at a time

  • You feel guilty when you try to take some time for yourself

  • You get tired of hearing - just hire out! - when you know that isn’t an option for you right now

  • You always seem to think things take less time than they actually do

  • You feel like you’re always getting interrupted and struggle when you try to get back on track

Here’s the Thing That No One Talks About When it Comes to Time Management

Time management isn’t about time at all.

It’s about having a clear vision on what’s important to you, creating (and sticking to!) a plan to get you there and managing your expectations along the way.

A Course In Time Management For creatives

(who don’t have time to take another course)

A Course in Time Management is a combination of a live group workshop and a self guided online course. It’s designed to be completed in two portions: a live group workshop and a self-guided online course that you could (and should!) complete in an afternoon.

During the live portion, I’ll be working with you to individually address your struggles with managing your time.

After the live group session, you’ll receive access to the self-guided course where you’ll learn:

+ The 3 keys to time management and how to specifically apply them to your business,

+ The techniques that have helped me and hundreds of other creatives meet our deadlines.

As a bonus, you’ll receive my resource list so you can choose which methods work best for you because there’s no one size fits all for everybody.

READY TO Free Yourself From NeVer Feeling Like You Have Enough Time?

Step 1. Sign up below to invest in taking your time back. Investment is $229 which includes the live portion and self paced guided online course.

Step 3. Keep an eye out in your inbox for the Time Suck Rundown. Complete and send it back before our live portion.

Step 4. Pick your live session date in the email. (June 17th @ 5pm PST or June 18th @ 9am PST)

I used to feel overwhelmed and overworked. I felt like there wasn’t enough time to both manage my business and work with my clients.

Dominique’s course in time management made me realize that if I didn’t take control over my work and schedule, my clients would. Now I’m definitely more intentional about how I choose to structure my time and after implementing just one schedule change, I feel empowered and guilt free. It was simple but something I had never “allowed” myself to do before.

I appreciated Dominique’s style of motivating her clients and holding them accountable without putting an intense amount of pressure on them. She’s genuinely invested in providing value and helping her clients.

Caitlin Thompson / Ember & Co

It isn't a traditional "this is how you make a schedule for yourself" time management program; it addresses the mindset beneath the scheduling!

A Course in Time Management was really the beginning of my ability to take control of my time.

Rachel Bailey / Rachel Bailey Parenting

I didn’t want to take another course but I knew I needed help.

When I saw the name of the course, I thought it was a sign! I was right. Dominique’s “un-course” was the perfect blend of kick in the butt workshop and digital course. She helped me realize that the way I was working was counterintuitive to growing my business.

Kelly West / GemStone Realty

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